Outlaw Lady

August 16, 2015  •  1 Comment

Great fun with this photoshoot with Neisha, who dressed the part of an outlaw lady.  I photographed these shots at the location of the last great train robbery in the US -- just a few miles south of where I live in Ashland, Oregon.

This photo was lit by a strobe in a 27" Westcott soft-box held by Neisha's boyfriend (the soft-box was fixed to a paint pole and held directly in front of Neisha to get it high enough to cast a butterfly lighting pattern on her face with back lighting through smoke provided by a speed light, camera right, held by a friend who was smoking a nasty cigar making the smoke.


Outlaw LadyOutlaw LadyOutlaw Lady

Neisha did a great job holding this very heavy Tommy Gun inside the tunnel, main light, camera left, provided by a Quadra Strobe inside a 60" Westcott Umbrella.   Again, Neisha's boyfriend did a great job holding the paint pole, with the fixed 26" Westcott soft-box and speed light, way above and behind Neisha to backlight her wig and shoulder. 


Tommy Gun GirlTommy Gun GirlTommy Gun Girl




Laurie Combs(non-registered)
These are wonderful images! I love the use of guns, smoke, lighting, etc. It is the perfect setting for these images!
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